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Best-Rated Toddler Girl Matching Raincoats and Boots On Sale - Reviews & Ratings

If you have started your search for a toddler girl matching raincoat and boot set then take a look at a great selection of these rain wear sets that I found online.  There are many things to take into consideration when deciding which toddler girl rain set to choose.  You want rain wear that is comfortable and will keep your toddler dry when she is out splashing and playing in those puddles.

There are many brands to choose from.  Some of the brands that you will find on this page are Western Chief, Hatley, Kidorable and Stephen Joseph.  Their quality is top notch and their styles and patterns are adorable for toddler girls.  

A lot of these toddler girl raincoats and boots also come with matching umbrellas to make a complete rain gear set if you are interested.  

I have written some reviews of some of the more popular choices in each of the brand names that I mentioned.  I will start with Western Chief.

One of the most sought after toddler girl raincoats is called the Western Chief Little Girls Hello Kitty Cutie dot rain coat.

Western Chief Kids Hello Kitty Cutie Dot Raincoat (Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids)

The Western Chief Little Girls Hello Kitty Cutie Dot Rain Coat is lightweight and soft with a water-resistant outer shell.  The buttons on the front close with snaps and this coat is hand washable. 

The lining of the coat is a combination of cotton and polyester and is moisture absorbing

It also comes with a hood to protect your toddler's head from the rain. Little girls love the ruffles on the back of this coat.  This raincoat is roomy enough to wear a sweater underneath on those colder days. 

This raincoat is adorable and will keep your little girl warm and dry when she is out playing in the puddles or going for a walk in the rain. 

If your daughter or granddaughter is a Hello Kitty FAN then she will LOVE this coat and she is sure to get lot of compliments. This raincoat is sure to be a big hit with your toddler. 

This raincoat also comes with matching boots and an umbrella if you are looking for a complete rain set for your toddler. 

Western Chief Kids Hello Kitty® Cutie Dot Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

These Western Chief Kids Hello Kitty® Cutie Dot Rain Boot are suitable for toddlers, little kids or big kids. They feature a rubber upper with allover polka dots and an adorable Hello Kitty® print.  

These rain boots have a breathable textile lining and a cushioned textile insole. Lightly treaded outsoles will offer her good traction on wet surfaces on rainy days. 

Two pull handles on either side of the boots are designed to make it easy for toddlers to put them on and take them off all by themselves. 

These boots are very flexible and lightweight making it easy for your toddler to walk or run in them.  These rain boots are SUPER cute and your child will LOVE wearing them even when it isn't raining. 

Hatley Girls' Splash Jacket

The Hatley Kids Classic Pink Splash Jacket for toddlers features a water-resistant polyurethane shell that is lined throughout.  An attached hood with a striped, terry lining will keep her head dry as well as protected on rainy days. 

This raincoat is designed with snap closures down the front of the coat and it has two front pockets that close with snaps as well. 

This raincoat will keep your toddler warm and dry when she is out puddle-jumping and having a great time in the rain.

Where To Buy:  Amazon

Why not pair this pink splash raincoat with a pair of boots to match.

Hatley Pink & Navy Rain Boots

These Hatley Pink and Navy rain boots are made from vulcanized rubber and are waterproof.  They are PVC-free and feature a removable insole.

They also feature a 100% cotton lining and have slip resistant soles to keep her steady on her feet when she encounters wet surfaces.

Get ready for some serious puddle jumping with a pair of these pink and navy blue rain boots from Hatley.  

Kidorable Mermaid Rain Coat

This mermaid raincoat for girls is SO cute and can be worn during the spring, summer and fall season.
This raincoat for girls is made from premium quality PU with a lightweight, comfy printed nylon lining.  

It also features a fun mermaid pocket, mermaid scales, and sea star buttons.

This raincoat comes with a free Kidorable hanger.  

Where To Buy:  Kidorable

Kidorable Mermaid Rain Boots

These mermaid rain boots for girls feature a fun, printed cotton lining and non-slip sole.  

These boots are easy to pull on for a toddler with the Mermaid tail heel tab at the top of the boot.  

Where To Buy:  Kidorable

Kidorable Ladybug Rain Coat

The Kidorable Ladybug Raincoat will keep your toddler dry and comfortable on rainy days. It is made of a shiny polyurethane material and comes with a protective elastic hood

It is lightweight and features a comfy printed nylon lining.  
This adorable raincoat is printed with ladybug dots and features bug-shaped waterproof patch pockets. The snap button front opens easily and closes securely, too.  It comes with a matching hanger. 

With it's eye-catching detail and style your toddler is sure to enjoy wearing this raincoat out in the rain.  This raincoat can be worn in both spring and fall.  Your child will love the fun and vibrant colors of this raincoat.


Kidorable Ladybug Rain Boots

The Kidorable Ladybug rain boots feature ladybug dots with a 3-D bug face that is SO CUTE.

These boots are made from a durable natural rubber and are designed with a non-slip sole.  They have a FUN printed cotton lining which allows feet to breathe.  

These rain boots are also easy for toddlers to put on with the convenient heel tab and the back of the boot.  They are tall enough that your child's socks won't get wet when she is splashing in puddles or running through the mud. 

Your little one's feet will be kept dry on rainy days with a pair of these waterproof rain boots.

Stephen Joseph® Butterfly Raincoat in Pink

Stephen Joseph® Size 3T Butterfly Raincoat in Pink • Stephen Joseph • $39.90

 The Stephen Joseph Butterfly Raincoat in Pink has an eye-catching butterfly and flower print and has a soft waterproof outer shell.  This raincoat is lightweight and is lined with 100% cotton.

It comes with an attached hood and the cuffs are adjustable to keep the rain out.  It also has a heavy duty zipper which glides easily along the zipper.

This raincoat would be PERFECT for all weather conditions as it is very comfortable with its cotton lining and soft outer material.  Your toddler or little girl will love this raincoat especially if she likes butterflies.  

This butterfly raincoat comes with matching rain boots for a complete set.

Stephen Joseph® Butterfly Rain Boot in Pink

Stephen Joseph® Size 8 Butterfly Rain Boot in Pink • Stephen Joseph • $29.99

The Stephen Joseph Butterfly Rain Boot in pink is designed for those puddle jumping rainy days.  They are detailed with colorful butterflies and flowers and are made from 100% rubber.  They have a very vibrant color to them which makes them SO adorable.

Insoles provide added comfort and can be removed for more breath-ability   These boots also have a treaded sole for more stability on wet surfaces.  

These SUPER CUTE boots have a back pull-on tab which makes them easy to put on for toddlers.  

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